Due to the Covid-19, sourcing from China, become more and more important. China has the best epidemic control and the most complete industrial chain.

How to sourcing from China successfully? Here are the top 3 secrets.

1. Factory or Trading Company?

Lots of customers prefer to do business directly with the factory to reach lower prices. They think the trading company would eat their margin. To be honest, it’s true. But for the trading company, they can provide better services than most of the factories. For example:

1) Treading companies can offer more flexible solutions like small MOQ and payment.

2) They know more about the market and customers.

3) They can arrange shipment directly to your warehouse.

4) Most trading companies can provide much better services than factories.

But now more and more factories are doing better in international business. How to choose the factory or trading company?

1) Small order try to contact the trading company, you will get better MOQ and customer servies.

2) Green hand needs the trading company to get better quality control and flexible payment support.

3) For big deal, deep research for new suppler no matter factories or trading factory.

2. Big Supplier or Small Company?

The most important thing is: big suppliers are not always equal to good quality.

If you have a small order and just start the business, a small supplier would be better- they are more eager for your order.

If you have a new big project, you can try to do like this way:

1) Searching Alibaba.com to find top 10 suppliers, pick up 1-2 as potential suppliers.

2) Google always useful. Contact the trading companies or factories, also pick up 1-2 as potential suppliers.

3) Send an email or make a phone call to each supplier to get more details and you can choose the best price and best services.

3. Business title in China

Try to contact the new guys of the company, new guys are always easier to control. When suppliers’ ability is in the same level, the sales person would be a key factor, even the people who is honest but not smart is better a lot than smart but not honest. Yes is yes, no is no.