There are huge amount of different retails sell a wide range of sublimation blanks. The top rated item is undoubtedly the plain white sublimation mug. The most common capacity is available in 11oz and 15oz.

What makes a good sublimation mug? 3 little- know tips to help to save 20% for punching sublimation mug in China.

1. Tapered Sides

This means that you will get some parts of your print which are faded and other parts which are ok. Due to sides are not straight, then the contact with the heating element in your mug heat press will not be equal all the way around. This is a well-known issue with cheaper quality sublimation mugs. The worst thing is not as obvious until you start using them in your press.
The best way to test is t put the mug on a horizontal tabletop and use a vertical ruler to get close to the cup and see if the side of the mug is closed to the ruler.

2. Pin Holes

The second biggest issue with poor quality mugs is pin holes. It’s very small dents in the surface of the mug. It means that the sublimation ink will not take to the full surface of the mug and as such will leave gaps in your design.
Some serious pinholes near the handle can even affect the overall structure of the mug making it weaker and more likely to crack later.

3.Dishwasher Proof

We recommend hand wash only. The sublimation mug print is more susceptible to fading than a decal one. The high-temperature decal cup will not fade, even 100,000 cycles on the dishwasher. If a seller says that a sublimation mug is dishwasher proof do not hesitate to ask for test report by SGS/BV or other labs.

These 3 posts will help you save a lot of time and experience when choosing a supplier. Product weight and color have no significant effect on quality. It’s best to purchase enough quantity at one time, ceramic mug is fragile and the whole container loading is safer than LCL. Ship from Qingdao port is much more convenient and closer to the place of production. Choosing the right factory can improve quality by 30% and shrive by 50% over a small supplier. Save money, save time, maybe one day we can work together and make your business more profitable.