Chinese New Year is coming…

As the most important holiday in China, during the Spring Festival, people from all over the world will gather together to spend time with their families and the people they love and miss.

About 210 million passengers- more than Russia’s population- are expected to ride the rails during the travel season.
It’s the biggest movement of humanity in the world!

This time of the year holds significant “emotional value” to the people of China.

This is even important for blue-collar workers, as often this is the only time fo the year when they get to see their families.

Even though the bosses are willing to pay three times more than usual, almost all employees will insist on going home for reuniting with their families.

Therefore, factories will be temporarily off and international freight services will be suspended at this time.
This is a uniquely Chinese phenomenon.

How long does the Chinese New Year Holiday last?

The official government holiday is 1 week.
However, as a fairly acceptable rule of thumb, the Chinese factory workers often leave at least 2 weeks before the Festival date and in some cases up to 4-6 weeks.

In addition, because the start date is decided based on the lunar calendar, the exact date varies each year but normally falls between mid-Jan to end of Feb.

The variable date is one of the factors that adds to the confusion & planning complexities.
As for the return date, not all workers return at the same time and the first batch of workers come back just after the Lantern Festival, with others following within the next few weeks.

It means that delays are expected and production times tend to be longer.

Of course, good planning & organization form Yongchuan Ceramics will help you to make sure this period is managed smoothly, the quality issue is avoided and costs are kept under control.

We hope the Chinese New Year of 2020 ahead bring you Happiness, Joy & Prosperity.